7 Ways of Hair Care in Winters

UntitledWe all face the problems of charged hair and at the same time we use hot water to wash our hair which damage hair. So here are the tips to make your hair look beautiful even in winters.

1. Shampoo – Winters never say you should not wash your hair at all or for 10 days. In fact it is important to shampoo your hair twice a week to make them look beautiful and avoid a hair-fall.

2. Conditioner – No matter what season it is conditioning your hair every time you shampoo should be a thumb rule. Avoid scalp and apply it only on hair.

3. Avoid Dryers – In winters it is tough to avoid dryers especially if the weather is bad or you are in a hurry but don’t make it a habit. Try to air dry your hair naturally and use a serum before using a dryer or hair straightener.

4. Don’t wrap it up all the time – Woolen caps causes friction which makes hair charged and hence hair falls and even the condition looks bad. Use scarves and caps only when you are out to protect yourself from cold and dust.

5. Oil massage – Oil massage is important at least once a week to avoid dryness and dandruff. To remove dandruff use mustard oil with half lemon, mix it well till color changes to light yellow and apply it on your scalp and hair. Your dandruff will be cured and hair will look beautiful.

6. Skip the color – Any chemical will only harm your hair. Since winters are already tough, if possible try to use as less hair color you can. And take care of the quality of product you are using.

7. Stay away from Chemicals – Don’t get mesmerized by the advertising and marketing when it is the question of your body or hair. Be as natural and simple as you can. Any chemical is harmful if it doesn’t suits you.


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How to Get Shiny Hair in 30 Minutes

ID-10082535No matter what kind of hair you have – curly, wavy, frizzy or straight. To get shining you don’t need to visit salon or work very hard. Here is a simple and easy way to give your hair a life again without any risk of hair-fall.

Step 1. Just take 2 eggs and mix it well with any hair conditioner. Mixing conditioner with egg is required to finish its bad smell.

Step 2. Apply it in your hair and keep it for 30 minutes.

Step 3. Now wash it with your regular shampoo.

Step 4. Apply serum and comb softly.

See the result. Your hair are now shining & dancing with life that’s too without any smell of egg.

If you have any other idea to get shiny hair at home, please feel free to share with us. Also let us know if it worked for you. Your feedback is important… :)

Tip to Get Toned Face Naturally

ID-100116440You must be thinking it’s impossible or impractical but still you want to know the most instant way of getting rid from double chin and chubby cheeks. Here are the three steps to get a toned face. Also, this works as the best cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

1. CASTOR OIL: Doing massage with castor oil wont only moisturize your face but also cures acne, lighten dark spots and removes tanning. Take some castor oil on your hand and do a good facial massage for at least 20 minutes and if you don’t know how to do so kindly take the help of beautician or you tube.

2. ICE MASSAGE: Now when you are done with oil massage take few ice cubes in a hanky and do the ice massage on your complete face for 5 minutes.

3. FACE-PACK: Now the most important part is which face pack to be used. Here is the natural and effective one. Take one spoon ‘fullers earth’ (multani mitti), with one spoon of rose water, one spoon of glycerin and half squeezed lemon in a bowl and mix it well. Now apply it on your face and keep it till it dries. Wash your face and follow it with your regular moisturizer.

You can now notice your toned and glowing face. These 3 steps actually helps in toning your face and giving you fairer and spots free face in just one hour. You can use it every week as there are no chemicals included which can harm your skin. Also, this works as the best cleanser, toner, anti tan and moisturizer. Do let me know how you feel it. Your feedback is important.

9 Tips to Look Thinner Instantly for a Party

tip1Whenever we have to attend any party we get conscious and want to reduce those extra  inches from our waist instantly. We start dieting, workout, take medicines and what not. But is it practical? Here, are the 8 steps to look slim and beautiful instantly.

1. Color of the dress – Yes, color of your dress which you have selected for a particular occasion matters. There are colors in which you might look fat like yellow, orange, light pink, light green etc. so avoid light shades. Go for some dark shades like black, navy blue, dark green, magenta, and maroon. Also select single color for your dress instead of dual or multi colors. Therefore, avoid combinations, broad prints, short and over tight dresses.

2. Fabric of the dress – Another important factor while choosing what you are wearing is the fabric. If you are thinking of wearing silk or cotton then cancel your plan immediately. You will look too fat in them. Select chiffon, crape, georgette kind of fabrics, it will give your body a special grace.

3. Face Massage – We don’t look fat only from our hip or tummy but from our face too. Go for a good facial massage, if you have just one week – do it every day. Massage helps in reducing chubby cheeks and double chin and also works as anti-wrinkle treatment.

4. Face Pack – To tone your face it is required to pack your face after massage. This will keep your skin free from blackheads too as you have closed your pores with a face pack. You can opt for mud pack or fruit pack or any face pack which suits you.

5. Hair Style – Choose hairstyle which complements your face type. Let your hair comes on your face to make it look small. Get haircut with bangs up to your chin and don’t make it too short. Do any experiment but don’t forget to put 1 or 2 flicks on your face.

6. Body shapers – Because you are getting ready for just one occasion, body shaper is the best idea. You can buy one as per your body requirement.

7. Wear heels – Heels will give a special grace to your walk. So if you don’t like heels or don’t know how to walk in it, practice.

8. Body posture – Now when you are looking 2 – 3 inches less than your original measurement, it’s time to stand straight and tall. Practice your body language and expressions in your mirror; this will help in improving your photos in a party.

9. Workout – The above given steps are temporary and instant but not the only solution for life so workout. Giving just one hour from your schedule to your body is must to look good and feel better. Remember your money can’t buy health but if you’re healthy you can earn as much as you want.

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